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This is my new place to keep things together that would be too long for Twitter or soon to be lost on Youtube. I’ll try to blog on bikes, parts, traffic and sustainability. So many expect posts to be either decorated with a gallery or a video. Bike stuff will include restaurations, new parts, tech tips and how to use certain tools. Since I live in Leipzig where more bikes are stolen than anywhere else in Germany, keeping old stuff usable for a budget will always be a topic that serves three purposes: Save money, keep a bike inattractive for thieves and protect the environment.

In the mid term I’ll probably open for collaborations, but rather for products I do either use or I am convinced of quality or value for the money. No fancy stuff that wears fast or is too expensive. Maybe expensive fancy stuff that has style but provides for a long term user experience.

Comments are closed, I’ll watch twitter for discussion and maybe the comment section of the Youtube videos I’ll post. I also plan offering Q&A from time to time via Jitsi that can be offered via Youtube.

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